Testimonial from Derick - Smoking Cessation


Anxiety and a fear of new places

Julie is a miracle worker. My 13yr old suffers from anxiety and a fear of new places, experiences, flying etc. We were due to go on a holiday of a lifetime to Canada with multiple flights and lots of new experiences. I was concerned that my daughters anxiety would put a dampener on the whole holiday so after a recommendation I sought Julie's help. We had 2 sessions with her. Off we went on holiday, the flight out was horrendous, but my daughter took it in her stride. She said that she wanted to try doing things she was scared of. She ended up tackling her fear of heights - CN tower. 5 flights, a ferry ride and even chose to go in a Helicopter over Niagara Falls. So all in all I would say a success. Thanks Julie. Caroline Brooks

Smoking Cessation

I came to Julie for stop smoking hypnotherapy. Brilliant, I went into her session a smoker and came out a non smoker, after too many years to mention of failing to quit. It was great to have a second session as I feel it really has helped me to feel that smoking is never going to be an issue for me in the future. Stopping smoking has made a huge difference to my life as I suffer from chronic brittle asthma. I was so impressed that I have returned to Julie for help in other areas of my life, we have been dealing with past and current issues over several sessions. I have found her help has had real value and helped me to deal with these issues in a friendly non judgemental and relaxed environment. Julie is very easy to talk to and has tailored each individual session to suit my needs with our mutual agreement. I feel like the old me again. I can't recommend Julie Murray enough. Sheryl Flogdell

Childhood Issues

Hi Julie, just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help the past few weeks. You have helped me pinpoint the childhood issues that have affected me for nearly 40 years. I look forward to using the tools you have given me to help me move forward with my life and leave the anxiety I have felt behind. C

Nail Biting

Hi, had to text you to let you know that for the first time ever I used my nails to help me unpeel something that I wouldn't have been able to without them. Thank you L

Anxiety & Exam Nerves

Hi Julie, it's - . I've been meaning to text you for a few weeks, but everything has been very hectic. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know I'm graduating in September, with a first class degree!! Thank you so much for all of your help and support. At one time I thought I wouldn't even finish university, let alone be graduating with a first class degree! I will never be able to thank you enough for all you've done for me xx

Weight Loss

Got weighed and lost 11lbs, happy bunny! M

Job Interview

Today's interview was quite a novel experience. I was calm, confident, myself. I answered all questions well, coherently and without hesitation, engaging with the whole panel. We even managed a good, communal belly laugh at one point!

Went home peaceful and happy, got happier still when two hours later the Director I will be working for called me herself to tell me she would like for me to come and work with her! Yay I GOT THE JOB!!! Ha ha haaa - thanks once again, oh great magician, from a happy customer, best wishes M


I can't thank you enough, you have changed my life. C


Hi Juile, just to let you know that I achieved pretty much what I needed to at the funeral yesterday. Thank you K

Smoking Cessation

Happy Christmas... 7 months on and still not smoking! M

Driving Test Nerves

Hi Julie it's - . Just wanted to say thanks for the hypnotherapy. It clearly worked as I passed! N

Driving On Motorway Nerves

Yeah I did it! Now I feelvery tired but good! Going to chill out tonight, thank you so much, you are wonderful. D

Fear Of Flying

Hi, back safe and sound and really pleased with myself as I didn't take any medication, thanks for your help. C


Julie spent a session with my son aged 12 regarding his defiance against sleep! He was made to feel relaxed and the techniques he learnt with Julie have been helping him since. L

Fear Of Mice

I had two sessions with Julie as I have suffered with a life long fear of rodents. I have two kittens who are excellent hunters, and I work from home so something had to be done! Before seeing Julie, I couldn't be in the same room as mice or rat. After my first session I was able to pick up a dead mouse and take it out of the house. Having had two sessions, I am now able to be in the same room as a live mouse, open the door calmly and let it escape for freedom! I would highly recommend seeing Julie to overcome anything that's stopping you being the best you can be! H

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