Hypnotherapy Hythe Folkestone Kent


Julie qualified as a Hypnotherapist in 2007 and is a memebr of BAThH (British Association & Therapeutic Hypnotherapist) and a member of CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). To be a member of these organisations ensures that yearly training is undertaken.

Julie became interested in Hypnotherapy when it worked for her in relation to her driving test nerves. She believes that Hypnotherapy is great because it is so flexible and can enable change to take place.

Hypnotherapy can help all and to date Julie has worked with clients from age 6 -87.

Some of the many issues she has dealt with include sleep problems, weight loss, smoking, cessation, phobias, fears relating to flying, bruxism, exams, blood, mice, spiders, public speaking, job interviews, anger, issues from childhood, anxiety, nail biting, low self esteem and much more.

Julie is happy to discuss any issue and works in confidence with her clients.

Hypnobirthing Folkestone Kent


Julie has more recently obtained a Diploma in KG Hypnobirting and is a member of KG Hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is a fantastic way to give birth without fear and very much includes the birthing partner.

Julie offers a 2 day course for pregnant women and their birthing partner. Within this course the couple are taught about the birthing process and how the body works with lots of examples given. The couple are given relaxation scripts to practice and many positive affirmation. Breathing techniques are taught and a book and CD are provided.

This is an enjoyable time, live births using this method can be wathced on YouTube. This course is accredited to the Royal College of Medicines.

For more information check out the KG Hypnobirthing site. Katharine Graves who started this is inspirational and I was fortunate enough to be taught by her.

past life regression

Past Life Regression

Many people have a curiosity about previous lives they may have had and if these impact on their present one.

As a Past Life Therapist Julie can help people achieve this via Hypnotherapy.

Julie herself had aquery to her great interest in Nature American Indians. Past Life Therapy answered some of Julie's questions and her interest in this grew.

Past life therapy can maybe asnwer some of your questions and give clues about certain issues in a person's current life.

Past Life Regression

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